High Sierra Flight Instruction

My new beast is coming to life

Have spent a lot of time as of late getting this thing ready for the DAR and its first flight. It’s truly a beast on 35’s. Weight will be just under 1300lbs and were very happy about that. Cowling is off to paint with the modifications in place. The cowl is a one off. I have never been a fan of the SQ cut throat look. We tried hard for a more traditional cub look with a blend of the SQ look minus the cut throat under belly. The next post will be a completed airplane ready to fly. Stay tuned for final details on weights, CG and performance.image image image image image image image image image image 13528352_10209574585182959_7800686732723172109_o

Family flight and a trip to Black Rock with Cooper

My favorite favorite flights are always the ones with my family. Kinley loves to fly and Kash says “airpane” every time he hears a plane fly over. Kinley now understands the concept of pitch for airspeed and power for attitude. It’s pretty cool to see a 5 year old work the throttle. Seriously.

The other flight here was spent with PNH pilot Cooper out to Black Rock. We had friends camping out there so we ventured out that direction not really knowing what we had in store. Needless to say, every time I fly out to BR we always find ourselves entertained. Guns, rockets, explosions and desert unicorns. It was a good morning with Cooper.
image image image image image image image image image image image image

So we put the Monster Shocks on the Highlander. What an incredible upgrade. There no longer such a thing as a bounce when you “drop it in”. The aircraft now has cat like reflexes.  The aircraft literally plants itself on the ground. It’s a game changer for landings.

image image image

I got a Highlander

Seems a bit crazy but I went out and got myself a Highlander. Yes, the cub should be done soon but this deal popped up and I could not pass it up.

I have wanted one of these for sometime but always had the opinion that I was to big. After flying it a fair bit, I retract that thought. I have plenty of room and it feels like a I’m sitting inside a Ferrari. The response is very quick giving me the first impression that it was very sporty. Now having a few hours in it, it’s just awesome.

The plane has 500 hours TT on it with a 112hp Rotax engine. It’s certainly not my 180 but again it’s not for that mission either. The Highlander reminds me of getting on that YZ 125 when I was a kid and riding it in the backyard. Fun, fast and responsive. image image image


We set a world Record…we think

So yes, this is kind of silly but, we skied the plane 36 miles across the water. Any challengers? We started on the north shore of Tahoe then turned south for Camp Richardson then up the west shore. At about Meeks bay I was over it. Next time, if there is a next time we will do the entire circumference of the lake…72 miles. 🙂 No FAR’s were broken and all rules were followed. All pilots and helicopter pilots were briefed ahead of time and we were in communication the entire time.

Check out the video here. You may have to copy and paste it to your browser





SQ update

Getting very close. Engine is getting hung shortly. First runs will be in about 2-3 weeks we are thinking. Have not posted for a bit. Just an update here with some photos

Covered and painted with Super Flight 7

Name: earlycover.jpg Views: 14 Size: 395.1 KB

Initial cowling plug. Catto is producing the new cowlings for the BCSC but we did not want to wait on the completed product so we made our own.

Name: cowling.jpg Views: 13 Size: 519.1 KB

Getting ready here for final assembly. Love my new tires! She will be fast!

Name: framecovered.jpg Views: 14 Size: 99.9 KB

Wing painted and ready for trim in this one. Trim is now done but dont have a good photo yet

Name: IMG_1578.JPG Views: 13 Size: 39.9 KB

Getting ready for final assembly

Name: IMG_1596.jpg Views: 13 Size: 98.0 KB

Put the Aero Fab stick control in. Set me back $3300. Hope it pays off. This means I can land anywhere now correct? I mean it is all about the stick

Name: IMG_1665.JPG Views: 14 Size: 95.1 KB
Name: IMG_1666.JPG Views: 14 Size: 89.2 KB

Wiring for the Garmin G3 going in

Name: IMG_1667.JPG Views: 13 Size: 104.8 KB

TK Tail shock. Will see how this holds up. May end up with Dan’s system

Name: IMG_1705.JPG Views: 14 Size: 96.2 KB

Parts painted

Name: partspainted.jpg Views: 14 Size: 404.4 KB

Big side door. This is one of the concerns. Will be anxious to see how the big door holds up and flies

Name: sidedoor.jpg Views: 13 Size: 225.9 KB

Tail chevron. Its growing on me. Did not like it at first. Now I think its pretty cool. As me next month I may have a different answer

Name: tailcovered.jpg Views: 14 Size: 286.3 KB

We were hoping to be done by now but we had a significant problem with the paint wicking. Needless to say we had to wet sand the entire thing and have a do-over. The paint is now beautiful!

She is in for final assembly and looking to be flying in 3-4 weeks. 35″ AKBW’s will be on her soon and hoping she comes in under 1250…Fingers are crossed



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