Fees, Rates, Prices – The Cost for Instruction

Its important to remember, “you often get what you pay for”. I have been doing this type of  flying in the mountains and in the off airport environment for a long time. The Rates below are posted for your information. I look forward to flying with you!


Aircraft / Planes: Cessna 180- Dual only – No Solo Flights – $225hr + Instructor Fee $125hr or in your aircraft @ $125 per hour.

This is not your typical Cessna 180. My 180 is highly modified and kept in top condition. You get what you pay for. You will not find better aircraft anywhere. This we guarantee.




Primary and Commercial Flight Instruction starts at $125hr

I can help you achieve your flying goals! Become a Private Pilot, obtain your Commercial rating, get a Tailwheel endorsement, become a CFI.


BFR – $250 flat rate 1 hr flight and 1 hour ground, minimum 


Tail Wheel Transition – $125hr

Get your tailwheel endorsement! Either in your own tailwheel aircraft or you can utilize mine, you just cannot solo it! I have a highly modified Carbon Cub and a highly modified 53, Cessna 180. Both aircraft go for $225 per hour (price subject to change with fuel increases). Instruction fees are $125/hour for flight instruction. I have found that the hours spent on the tailwheel sign-off can be anywhere from 6-12 hours depending on all factors involved. Most importantly it comes down to you feeling safe and ready to go on your own. I do most of the training off-pavement so you will experience the backcountry as well! 


Mountain Flying (Basic) – Includes 2 hours of flight and an 1 hour of ground $550 (Aircraft hourly not included if your utilizing mine)

This is your introduction to Mountain Flying. The curriculum covers: Preparing the pilot and airplane for mountain and backcountry flight, flying the Steep Stabilized Approach, Emergency Canyon Turns, Density Altitude, Crossing Ridges, Box Canyons, Winds, Emergencies and so much more.



Fundamentals: Mountain Flying / Off Airport (intro to off airport, Includes a lot of off airport landings) – $750 –  (3 hours flight time) (1 hour ground) (Aircraft hourly not included if your utilizing mine)

The Fundamentals course is designed to give the basic fundamental skills of off airport, mountain and backcountry flying. The curriculum covers: Preparing the pilot and airplane for mountain and backcountry flight, flying the Steep Stabilized Approach, Emergency Canyon Turns, Density Altitude, Pitch / Power relationships, Air Speed and more. If you are taking this course as a Refresher, as a returning client that just wants to get ‘brushed up’ on their backcountry skills, then we will design the course to meet your goals and objectives.


Two (2) Day Experience – Mountain Flying / Off Airport / Backcountry flying – $1500 flat rate 

This is a comprehensive 2-Day mountain/canyon flying experience. The 2 days cover: Preparing the pilot and airplane for Mountain / Off Airport Flying; Mountain and Canyon Meteorology; Navigation in Mountain and Canyon Areas; Emergency Canyon Turns, Density Altitude and Aircraft Performance; Landing Area Selection; Flying Mountains, Desert and Canyons; Emergencies and Forced Landings; and Backcountry Etiquette. The curriculum specializes in deleting the necessary off airport skills, Steep Stabilized Approaches, Slow Flight, Confined Area Operations, integrating Overhead-Observation with Abort-Point aviation concepts. This advanced level of airmanship is delivered through ground and flight training with the pilot in their aircraft or the use of our own aircraft. No solos allowed in our aircraft. The experience however is second to none.


Guided Trips Available (Alaska, Lower 48, Idaho, Montana, Utah, California, Nevada, AZ, Mexico and Canada – $500 per day. (Get a group of pilots and split the cost and fly your own aircraft. 4 Aircraft max)


We currently have a number of trips in the works. Interested in a guided tour of the Idaho Backcountry? we can rough it or we can stay in the nicest of backcountry lodges. We have options.


Fly north with us and explore the last frontier. This trip offers international border crossings, roughing it or accommodations in the nicest of lodges. Let me show you a trip like no other

Cross Country to Oshkosh

You have seen us do this trip every year. This is your chance to fly low and slow to Oshkosh. Let me plan your route and experience all while you enjoy the nature of the trip. Low and Slow. The off airport opportunities are endless along the way and this trip is one that should not be missed

Nevada / High Sierra

The opportunities are endless. This is our primary flying area with well over a 1000 plus landing locations to choose from. How high would you like to land your aircraft? Our circuits have become world class flying opportunities.




Aircraft Ferry fees start at $750 a day plus expenses