November 2017 update

I am in serious need of an update here. Between, travel, life, fly-ins and teaching time is just flying by. So much going on yet so little time to report here. Please make certain to follow along with the many adventures happening in the various links below. There are a lot of great people in these groups with hundreds of photos and stories.

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Here are some great photos to keep things current around here. Keep checking back here. Thanks for your time!

Keith Davis earning his Private Pilot Certificate! Congrats buddy! 

Merrick Turner Soloed at the HSF in his 180! Here Cory Robin and I are congratulating him in front of 400 people while he gets his tail feathers cut off along with his Tailwheel and High performance endorsement!

I’m Building a Carbon Cub. Seen here below. Coming January of 2018. The specs on this one are not your typical CC but something unique. Just wait until you see it

Me giving a safety briefing for all pilots during the HSF

Giving long time CFI Laurel Lippert her BFR

HSF 2018 poster – Ross Parton creation

Trent Palmer in his Freedom Fox and Steve Henry in his Highlander during the HSF Stol Drags. This photo was actually set up and taken from the back of a truck. Its not them actually racing. It made for a great shot. Leonardo Correa Luna took this shot at HSF.

2018 Championship Stol Drag race. Steve Henry and Mark patey

2018 HSF STOL Drag final bracket. Over 60 airplanes competed and this is what it came down to on Saturday.

2018 World Stol Drag Champion Mark Patey

Jeff martins mighty Broussard

An example of the unique aircraft at HSF

The Sherpa!

The people are what make HSF special!

Deon Mitton captured this incredible shot of Rob Dahoney’s Skywagon during the big show Saturday night

More Stol Drag action

Our trip to and from Oshkosh. Here somewhere on the Mississippi River with my Flying Cowboy breathren

Landing at Clints ranch in WY

Im chasing Steve here over the endless miles of corn

Im flying here at the Oshkosh STOL demo just before dark

Cory Robins bad ass Carbon Cub EX on 31’s

Cory, Trent and Steve as we fly over WY

All of us parked at Clints

A lonely windmill in the middle of nowhere.  We had to land

Somewhere in NB on a hill top early in the morning as we watch the sun rise.

Chuck taking off in his Carbon Cub during the Oshkosh Stol demo

Trent and I sitting in a nuclear power house. Our country has 75 of these. When fully loaded they become the 5th largest nuclear power in the world. The mighty B52! We were very lucky to have the opportunity to sit in this bad boy!

Some of the very best Stol pilots on the planet. Oshkosh Stol demo

Im flying here during our demo at Oshkosh trying to stay focused but could not pass up grabing a few photos of just one of the many camp areas at Osh at sunset

Stop demo crowd

The guy on the left has won the Valdez Stol comp more than anyone else. Bobby Breeden. The fella on the right has more base jumps than anyone on the planet. He is a very good friend of mine, a member of the Red Bull Airfare and former fueler at my heli operation, the one and only Miles Daisher! And then theres me…in the middle 🙂

It almost as if the farmers new we were coming. Flying through the endless corn rows is just spectacular.

Osh Stol demo pilot briefing

If you have never been, there no place like it! My dads ashes are in those flowers…

Keep checking back for more…Thanks for your time here