Just a post as we have 2 weeks left in Cordova

Just saw this photo and thought to share it here… This is me launching into the zone the other day with my ski group. Spring has sprung around here down low…

Here is a couple friends of ours getting dropped off on the glacierGetting dropped off on the peakA buddy sent me this of their good times from the other day. Had to share itNot a bad flight home…Can you see the helicopter?Heli crackSTOL EaglesNot a bad place for a row…

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She is going in for paint!

This is a photoshoped pic of my new paint scheme. The bird went in for paint last week and should be done by the last week of April. About 4 weeks from now. Looking forward to seeing her!

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February update

February has come and gone and we are back in Alaska for our heli-ski season. Snow is fairly low tide up here as of now with snow in the forecast. Here are some photos of my recent trip around lake hood and the air museum. Also you will see some heli ski shots taken this past week. My plane is in the paint shop as I type this and I am looking forward to seeing my beast here soon with a new color. She is going to be pretty! Anyhow, as mentioned, here are some pics.

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January update

Have been real busy as of late gearing up for our spring heli-ski season. The weather around these parts has been all time! A guy could go bankrupt with all of the good weather we have had. No real excuse as to why I have not posted in a while but I can assure you, I will be back here posting regularly. If you missed our 4th annual High Sierra Fly-in, we sure had a great time! Over 80 planes came in from all parts with the furthest coming from Texas. Anyhow, here are some pics from the past 3 months.

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This is my real job…It supports my flying :) alaskaheliski.com

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One photo today

Any ideas where this is?

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A beautiful spot

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No wind and beautiful today!!

No wind today and BEAUTIFUL!!! I have not had a flight like today for sometime!

Took a buddy that has been wanting to get in the air and made a great tour today. Down to the east side and back up on the inside. …I know that does not mean much for most of you but basically went from Tahoe to Mammoth over the White Mts., past the Sweetwater and Pinenut Mts., and around the circuit to some old spots and new ones along the entire route. Landed at a lot of places today… [-X[-o<

Anyhow it was a beautiful morning. Added a couple new ones to the east circuit for the fly in. I wish it were this weekend!

My buddies 100 acres close to Bridgeport

Looking at the departure from here

His private hot springs…101 degrees! Perfect

CA / NV border

“Tail wheel ridge”…this is less than 5 minutes from the Fly-in lake bed and up at 9000′

My buddy Kyle…”do land here often?”
ME…”Yep often” “Have had 10-12 planes here all at once”
Kyle…”Dude…I have to get a plane. This is just ridiculous.” :lol:
Me…”Yep it is isn’t it…”

Pano of “Tail Wheel Ridge”


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Fresh annual and a quick little flight to the desert

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Videos of the High Sierra Fly-in area

Here are some videos from many of the places we fly and land on the High Sierra Fly-in circuit…enjoy

“Three wagons”…this lake is dry now! :lol:

“Tail wheel ridge” to “the corner”

A lot of over flying landing areas with a touch down at three wagons

3 wagons take off and landing

Some fun flying…High desert races

Approach to 3 shot gun shells and more fun

The infamous “Gold Mine” #-o :lol:

If you cant tell, I am getting fired up for our fly in!


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