My Backcountry Super Cub Version 2 —reference thread

This will serve as a reference thread for myself and others that my need information and where to gather.




Titan Angle Valve 409


Fuel injection


Dual P Mags


Earth X Battery


Rief Preheat


Lamar 40 Amp Alternator


ELT 406




It seems that a fixed pitch is the way to go? Maybe a ground adjustable? Throwing in a constant speed only adds weight but I need some direction here. All of you know what I am after.


Catto, Whirlwind…someone said possibly a Pawnee prop?




Oratex is out for me only after seeing a number of planes with it. It reminds me of a kids project in his garage.


Thinking the Super Flight 7


Keeping paint very basic, light coat with basic Cub Design – traditional (White and Black maybe)




Keeping the mission in mind for light weight…I like what Dynon has to offer as do I like the Aerotronics. That Garmoon G3x in pretty nice and light doing most everything for you.


Becker Com and Transponder, PM Engineering 1200 intercom




AMSAFE lap and shoulder harness


Aveo ultra Galactica led position strobe, landing and taxi lights


31″ Bushwheels and AK Bushwheel Tail wheel or the Matco tail wheel, AK bushweel tail spring


Airframes or Grove 6″ brakes


Skytec starter?


B&C Oil filter adapter


Steves Gascolator




Still not certain about the TK 1 Shock system but like the looks of it. I question it durability.  The Mackey landing gear is tried and true. Univair HD lift struts and Jury Struts? Is that part of the Mackey?


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2015 SuperCub Fly-in Johnson Creek

Good times this past weekend in Idaho at the 10th annual fly-in.  Not much to post about that has not already been said on the vairous forums aside from the 400 plus photos I took.  I have posted the link here at the bottom to view all of them.

The one biggest thing I can mention is if your venturing out into the backcountry flying, understand the surroundings your heading into and understand the necessary procedures for mountain, canyon and backcountry flying. Idaho is as REAL and it gets. Without these complex but very basic understandings you should not even consider going. Density altitude can eat you alive. More on that in my next thread. This one is for pictures…

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MT prop has proved very worthy

People ask me all the time about my MT prop. They have heard they are not durable in the backcountry – off field environment,  etc.  Let me tell you otherwise…

I have spent the past few years flying the MT prop into a number of environments and it still looks new 500 plus hours later. With the exceptional weight savings on the nose using a composite prop its no brainer in the 180.  Here are some photos of the prop in action.

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Another cover on the GA News!

This makes number 3 for me! Thank you GA News!

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A couple recent covers General Aviation News

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Just an update as its been a while

New kid, business has been very busy, fall promo tour etc., life has had me away from my blog here. I am still here and flying as much as possible, just not spending a lot of time on the computer for fun as much lately. Need to get back to this blog as I do enjoy sharing the adventures and really logging them so that I can come back to them down the road.

Some photos here that will catch you up and then some writing when time fits.

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Making the turn for downwind to the fly-in…and a big boom over the HSF

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High Sierra Fly-in 5th Annual

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I Love this sound…

Simply stated…I truly love this sound!



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