Oshkosh STOL demo 2017

We are going back to Oshkosh this summer as a STOL demo pilot. If you have the opportunity to go, I hope to meet you. Please come say hello. Below is the list of pilots that will be representing the STOL demo at Oshkosh this year.

1- Bob Lutz
2- Walt Snyder
3- Blu Grey
4- Dan Dufault
5- Jay Stanford
6- Kevin Quinn
7- Joe Dory Jr
8- Matt Stantz
9- Joe Dory Sr
10- Bobby Breeden
11- Jason Sneed
12- Hal Stockman
13- Steve Henry
14- Robby Pedersen
15- Jerry Burr

16- ALT1 Eddy Doyle
17- ALT2 Harvey Cleveland