The Planes: 1953 Cessna 180, 2016 Backcountry Super Cub, 2018 Carbon Cub

My new Cub – A one off Carbon Cub 


1953 Cessna 180





O470-50K  285h – PPonk “super eagle  conversion”

MT MTV-9-D/210-58 3 blade

8:50 x 10’s, 29″ and 31″ Alaskan Bushwheels with the Baby Bushwheel and heavy duty stinger

Sportsman STOL kit

ART Wing X (increases wing area, allows for 400lbs additional load) 1393lbs useful load

185 Titanium Gear Legs

P-Ponk beef up kit

Hydraulic Wheel skis in the winter

Float kit

Basic – IFR Certified Garmin 430W,  2 – VOR

Every other mod you can think of….

Aircraft weighs 1734 lbs with MT Prop and 31″ Bushwheels

Just Aircraft Highlander ( I Sold this one)




Rotax 912 – Big Bore kit 115hp

TK 1 shocks (Not pictured here)

Keiv ground adjustable 3 blade prop

29″ AK Airstreaks

Basic radio equipment


Backcountry Supercub Rev II (sold this one after putting 200 hrs on her)

Build completed Sept 16 by myself and Bent Wing Aviation in Casper WY

86/38 Catto

O360 Superior Engine (202hp Dyno) assembled by Alan Barrett of Barrett Engines

Hallow crank and everything kept light without comprimising the safety of the aircraft

Garmin G3x Touch

Kellar Flaps

Leading edge slats

EarthX Batteries, Pmags, composite floors, panels,

Weight 1330 on 35’s

31″ and 35″ Alaska Bushwheels with Cleveland double puck brakes

TK1 Shock system

T3 Tail Shock














  • You have a really nice airplane! Upgrading my 180 now with the BW’s.

  • Great setup, I makes me happy when I see an airplane that is really cared for, looks good.

  • Send me a PM if you want to discuss Skywagon flight characteristics with Sportsman, WingX and VG’s.

  • Send me your number and I will give you a call. Are you on the BCP site?You can send me a PM there as well. Will try your email.


  • The early 180’s are the best for sure!

  • Hello good afternoon.

    I am Brazilian and I have a great interest in aviation and in particular the sport. I’ve been researching this style of flight that to be honest I had no idea there was such a thing, even watching a video on the internet about a stol championship.
    I intend to do the pilot course and maybe travel to do a training with you.
    I sent some emails to the Backcountry super cubs to get more information about their planes, but until then I had no feedback. I wonder if the company remains active and if you can help me with some information on the models that the company manufactures.

    I thank you and look back.

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