I got a Highlander

Seems a bit crazy but I went out and got myself a Highlander. Yes, the cub should be done soon but this deal popped up and I could not pass it up.

I have wanted one of these for sometime but always had the opinion that I was to big. After flying it a fair bit, I retract that thought. I have plenty of room and it feels like a I’m sitting inside a Ferrari. The response is very quick giving me the first impression that it was very sporty. Now having a few hours in it, it’s just awesome.

The plane has 500 hours TT on it with a 112hp Rotax engine. It’s certainly not my 180 but again it’s not for that mission either. The Highlander reminds me of getting on that YZ 125 when I was a kid and riding it in the backyard. Fun, fast and responsive. image image image