The panel

I have the Garmin G3 going into the SQ. Trying to keep this light I have only added a USB port, a small traditional airspeed indicator and that’s really it. Here are a few examples.

image image

The high desert of NV


The high desert of Nevada served it up good this past week. Seems as though there is some form of history arou nd almost every corner. This is the time of year to get your exploration on with cooler temps and calm winds. We now own almost 300 acres of real estate in the middle of nowhere offering us a base to the big door that opens up to adventure. Have a look at a few of the items we found the past couple days.







A windy SQ landing

image image image imageComing up with an actual color and scheme is no easy task. Real world problems right? Well you don’t want to be stuck with something you grow tired of and I certainly don’t want something that most think is just god awful.

Visibility is is important to me yet still keeping it classy and desirable. Each type of cub has its own scheme over the years and the SQ is really no different. Yeah I could go out on a limb and create something different but that’s not really my interest. I like the classic SQ lines and scheme you will see below. Another thing to keep in mind is repairs down the road. Thats almost a guarantee with the type of flying we do. Patches here and there are a given so keeping it one color by the most part, I believe, is critical. What do you think of these?


My BCSC is coming along!

So I have some great new pics for the post here! The entire kit with slats and fuel tanks came in under 650lbs. With the goal of keeping this bird under 1150lbs it seems very doable now. As for my engine this is whats being built as I type here:

Superior Engine built by Barrett Performance Engines. O-360, Carbureted with a MA 4-5 leaned and jet drilled. 9-1 forged pistons and a Cato 86-38 up front. Running P Mags and the EarthX battery.

Tony with TK 1 Racing is currently working on the outboard shock system and tail shock. The cross gear shock is in already as you will see in the pics.

The Garmin G3X is waiting to be installed. I have the 31″ Bushwheels going on first. 35’s will come as well. You do the math. How you can not have this bird come in under 1150lbs? It may be in ¬†under a 1100lbs but thats really pushing it. We will see. Whats your guess?



How much will she weigh??? Post your comments here…Stay tuned

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