Just an update as its been a while

New kid, price business has been very busy, pill fall promo tour etc., life has had me away from my blog here. I am still here and flying as much as possible, just not spending a lot of time on the computer for fun as much lately. Need to get back to this blog as I do enjoy sharing the adventures and really logging them so that I can come back to them down the road.

Some photos here that will catch you up and then some writing when time fits.

High Sierra Fly-in 5th Annual

The Kodiak

Someone the other day told me that a Kodiak was a waste of an airplane. “Its just a mini Caravan” they exclaimed. Wow! …is about all I could think. This person went on to say that the cub was a terrible plane to teach out of…(well maybe for first timers, sildenafil but terrible?) The clincher was when they said they work and lived close to Lake Hood (the worlds largest float plane base) and that all the airplane noise late at night made them crazy….He also started this entire conversation by saying he was a “flight teacher”…whatever that means…I thought, your a CFI? hmmmm Anyhow, heres to the Kodiak! What a waste! 🙂

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