A couple more new spots!

A big part of the joy of flying for me is going into a new spot. Even more so, ed spots that you pioneer. Here are a couple from today.

Down to my friends secret spot…

So my friend has this little oasis that I have been sworn to secrecy on. With all of the options to ski, viagra bike, climb, explore and just about anything else like hanging out and watching the sunset or rise here it is. I still cannot tell you where it is so your just going to have to come flying with me and maybe we will go there. Long story short, it has a full camp area, large fire pit and 4 different pools to jump in and soak your bones, all varying in temperature.  Check it out…

The best kind of co-pilot

Far to often am I out flying thinking about what is really important in life. I guess thats one of my favorite parts of flying. It takes me away from the day to day dealings of life and lets me really think about what really matters. They say a picture is worth a thousands words so I will just let these pictures speak for themselves…


Clear, cool and no wind = perfect flying weather!!!

About as good as it gets with the weather. The tittle here says it all. Put down a few new landings today, pilule seven of them actually in the south circuit. The only problem is that 4 of them dont count as my camera card took a dump on me so I need to go back and get a photo with the plane sitting there in order for them to count…oh darn…Thats just another good excuse to go flying! We have a rule around here that if you do not get a photo of the plane sitting there, it does not count. Sometimes getting out is just not an option as landing and departing is about all you can think of. Once back in the air you may find yourself scratching your head wondering why you even landed there…Its very important to know that many of the places we land the plane, most would think or consider to be down right wrong, but many of these places we do land, we have made lots and lots of approaches and looked at the spots over and over. Some I have looked at for years and still not landed. Then one day everything lines up.  Far to often we land in a different spot only to go up and walk the spot in question. With this type of off field flying you do not get a second chance. The airplane only carries one “oh shit” card.

A few new spots!!

Went out today for some new landings. I have been landing at the same spots now for a bit and really needed some new ones. Have been looking at these for sometime and figured the summer is only getting shorter. Soon we will have snow on the ground and I will be looking for spots to put the ski’s down on. Here are a couple.  One is uphill and gnarly! Big cliff on one side and certain carnage on the other. Fairly smooth with a good uphill landing. Wish I had gotten out to take a picture but really just wanted to turn around and get out of there. It had me going thats for certain! Another one you will see here is a new barn I have been looking at with a fairly easy spot to land. Have been flying over it for a while and figured I should just check it off the list today. Its called “old barn”. Its pretty close the “bumpy barn” if you have had the opportunity to go there. This one is just south about 3 miles or so. The other here is a tight little spot at one of the reservoirs I enjoy going to. Kind of a fun one as you need to slip in over a few trees and bushes to get your touchdown spot perfect and then enjoy the side slope landing with the dog leg turn in the middle. That kind is always a challenge. Not really certain what I will call it.  Ended up in Plateau land as well. I always love the view from up there. A finally, you will also see here the Forest Service is doing the annual controlled burns. Does not really look controlled but after further review there were at least 30 green trucks on the ground doing what they doing.

Out for some fun found some color

Just another quick flight today. Work has had me tied down to this damn computer getting back to people on email and on the phone. We are going to be busy in Alaska this winter for certain.  Just trying to get things done as I leave for Antarctica in 2 weeks for about a month. Anyhow, patient information pills made a quick trip to the reservoir today and found some “fall color”.

Just some photos

Just a quick trip with the CAP (Cival Air Patrol) down the eastside to see some fall colors. I dont spend much time flying above the tree tops so this was a fun trip given we even utilized some O2. I think we spent some time around 16, viagra 500 on our way back. Once home, rx I immediately went to the Skywagon and did a quick trip to the reservoir for a couple landings as the water is going out quickly and new landings are starting to show up everywhere. Will get back to posting regularly here so stay tuned! Lots of flying upcoming! I have some new spots that a landing.

From the Ohio Bush Planes Crew

These signs are fitting! Mabe we should make a T shirt out of them…

The October Fly-in!

Well this was my second fly-in and what a great time! I think all total we had 23 planes. Not all at the same time but total for the weekend. Our largest day was 17 planes rallying the North circuit.  13 stayed for the Saturday night camp out and had 4 more arrive in the am on Sunday! Starting to think the South circuit is a bit hard on planes. Maybe not so hard on the plane, information pills but the pilot. The South circuit flying is much more difficult for certain. Airspeed, spot landings, always flying on the back side of the power curve trying to land somewhere silly. Man, you just gotta love it!

I really enjoy getting to know so many like minded folks. Thanks to everyone who came and also to my pops who drove his jeep out and set up the flag to claim our spot! I could go on and on with how much fun we had etc., but once again I will just let the photos speak for themselves. I am already looking forward to flying again tomorrow!~

There are photos in two different galleries here: CUT AND PASTE THESE LINKS TO YOUR BROWSER






A quick assesment trip pre-fly-in

We have just had our first big storm of the season leaving close to 20 inches of snow in the mountains above 8000′. Needless to say the concern for this wekends fly-in was on my mind given all the moiture we just recieved. I mad a quick trip around the North and South circuit to have a look at things. Honestly, the circuit could not be in better shape! The desert is in superb condition. The wet rain really only polished the lake bads and laid the dust down on the other places. Will be posting a big update from the fly-in here just after the weekend.  Enjoy

a few pics from yesterday.


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