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SQ update

Getting very close. Engine is getting hung shortly. First runs will be in about 2-3 weeks we are thinking. Have not posted for a bit. Just an update here with some photos

Covered and painted with Super Flight 7

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Initial cowling plug. Catto is producing the new cowlings for the BCSC but we did not want to wait on the completed product so we made our own.

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Getting ready here for final assembly. Love my new tires! She will be fast!

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Wing painted and ready for trim in this one. Trim is now done but dont have a good photo yet

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Getting ready for final assembly

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Put the Aero Fab stick control in. Set me back $3300. Hope it pays off. This means I can land anywhere now correct? I mean it is all about the stick

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Wiring for the Garmin G3 going in

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TK Tail shock. Will see how this holds up. May end up with Dan’s system

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Parts painted

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Big side door. This is one of the concerns. Will be anxious to see how the big door holds up and flies

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Tail chevron. Its growing on me. Did not like it at first. Now I think its pretty cool. As me next month I may have a different answer

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We were hoping to be done by now but we had a significant problem with the paint wicking. Needless to say we had to wet sand the entire thing and have a do-over. The paint is now beautiful!

She is in for final assembly and looking to be flying in 3-4 weeks. 35″ AKBW’s will be on her soon and hoping she comes in under 1250…Fingers are crossed