SQ Update

This is me flying my buddies older SQ from the back seat. That always creates some excitement! Flying from back there with zero visibility creates quite a challenge but it sure is fun!

My bird is in for cover officially! Wings should be back in a week or so and the airframe is now on deck. All cables are rigged and engine is hung. It won’t be long now! The engine came back from Barrett Performance and put out a true 202HP! Total weight on the scale came in at 262lbs. Here are a couple photos from the past few weeks. My next update should have wings and airframe covered and my panel installed! SQ flying back seat

Superior Engine built by Barrett Performance

SQ engine

Carbon floor boards

Carbon Floor boards

TK 1 Shocks for the cabane

TK 1 Cabane shocks

Side baggage door prep, ailerons and tail section covered and wings prior to going for cover

SQ Fabric sq wing pre cover

SQ Airframe Door