High Sierra Fly-in 2015

We have just completed the 6th annual High Sierra Fly-in! We had over 150 planes come on over the course of the weekend with 120 plus camping on Saturday night. Honestly we lost count on the actual numbers but fun was certainly had by all. Saturdays dinner played host to just over 275 people as they were fed, order entertained by a large firework display and of course the big white mans fire until the we hours of the morning.

1 pilot came all the way from Australia to visit us, cheapest another flew his 185 from Maine and many others came from all parts of the country including Canada. Mu entire year dreams about this fly in we have created in the desert and now its already over and I am already looking forward to next years event.

The STOL Drag event was a huge success. More on that in my next post but you will certainly enjoy these photos from the many various photographers that came to our event. Please also make certain to see the High Sierra Fly-in group on Facebook, the thread on Backcountrypilot.org and Supercub.org.



11224294_10101587079981085_8494076415015892925_o 12010586_10207938667088358_5929232838139847633_o 12038863_10101587073798475_2628182078598015441_o 12112260_10207745395329823_5212067470384480710_n 12183937_10101587079701645_2820502434389192737_o

12188971_1106824759349546_3433293799106792752_n 12196271_10204965549558010_3133799826716271307_n HSF Stol 7 Stol Drag 11 HSF Stol 3 HSF Stol 2 905743_10207938693009006_6051945162067910608_o 11229375_10207938662288238_45242113580984999_o 12186816_10207938655328064_992675215053927259_o