February update

February has come and gone and we are back in Alaska for our heli-ski season. Snow is fairly low tide up here as of now with snow in the forecast. Here are some photos of my recent trip around lake hood and the air museum. Also you will see some heli ski shots taken this past week. My plane is in the paint shop as I type this and I am looking forward to seeing my beast here soon with a new color. She is going to be pretty! Anyhow, as mentioned, here are some pics.

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3 Responses to February update

  1. Harry says:

    Kevin..who’s doing your paint? Got me a 55 180. Turned out to be a fixer upper but its coming along. Have a great season. In Reno for the week.

  2. Harry says:

    Btw…our planes sure are spoiled.

  3. Kevin says:

    Matthews Aviation in Yerington Harry! Miss ya buddy! Hope all is good with you!

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