The new Garmin VIRB XE

An incredible little camera with great options for capturing your flying or whatever else you may want to capture. The new Garmin VIRB XE is just incredible. It has a built in GPS given you realtime altitude, more about speed, viagra 100mg direction, generic pitch attitude, G force and more. Here is a little clip I made after opening the box, spending less than 5 minutes trying to figure it out, 2 minute downloading the Garmin app on my phone / Ipad and then flying. I came home and produced this little edit in under 5 minutes. The longest part was uploading it to Youtube so that the quality would stay good. That took all of about 3 minutes. Anyhow, check it out.


Disclaimer: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME….Keep it at the lake or the rivers. Here you will see a glassy water landing and then a landing with the rippled water. Ripples give you so much more perception. This technique is used for various applications allowing you to get on to a beach or gravel bar that could be very short. You can also use it for departing but knowing your airspeed for the given situation is mandatory. Again, seek instruction if this is an application that interests you and its important to know that this is not meant for a stunt or a check me out Im a cool pilot video. Its a real world application in bush / backcountry flying.

The proposed route to Osh

We are leaving on thursday the 16th east bound. I look to meet up with fellow flyers, physician Wilga Beast, General Lee, Pops Dory and Dory Jr, Steve Henry and a few others. Our intended route could take us just about anywhere but for nw we at least have a plan…sort of….



Our first night is really this cool little strip in Nebraska. Hay Springs is a cool little grass strip with a steak house very close.


Here it is on Airnav its 4V6





My Backcountry Super Cub Version 2 —reference thread

This will serve as a reference thread for myself and others that my need information and where to gather. Yes, I am building a BackcountrySuperCub Version -2. Formerly know as the SQ (Stol Quest) but with so many changes its a different beast all together. The big flaps, leading edge slats, the list goes on and on. Here are some of my ideas thanks to Bob Lutz, Randy Goza, Bruce Reed, Wayne Mackey and others. Stay tuned to watch the progress!









The new ACE-Perfromance 428

The Titan R409 both with Fuel injection

Titan R409 glacier cub R409

The engine has the Dual P Mags, Earth X battery
EarthX Battery

but I may end up going with this battery


Would like to add the Rief Preheat system for obvious reasons and of course the ELT 406

Prop choices:

It seems that a fixed pitch is the way to go for lightweight however a ground adjustable would also be good.  Throwing in a constant speed only adds weight but realistically this is what I will end up with. Either the Catto or Whirlwind for certain. Maybe a Pawnee prop but we will see what provides the best cooling and performance.






I was leaning toward the Oratex but really thinking more along the lines now of the Super Flight 7.


Keeping paint very basic, light coat with basic Cub Design – traditional (White and Black maybe)


Keeping the mission in mind for light weight…I like what Dynon has to offer as do I like the Aerotronics. That Garmin G3x in pretty nice and light doing most everything for you. Here are a couple ideas.


Bill Rusk panel


Becker Com and Transponder, PM Engineering 1200 intercom are some other ideas


AMSAFE lap and shoulder harness


Aveo ultra Galactica led position strobe, landing and taxi lights



31″ and or 35″ Alaska Bushwheels of course with tail wheel. Airframes AK or Matco. Also Airframes or Grove 6″ brakes35AKbw



 Other needs are a Skytec starter unless going with electric ignition, B&C Oil filter adapter, Steves Gascolator

Landing Gear:

Still not certain about the TK 1 Shock system but like the looks of it and it seems like it the way going forward. The Mackey landing gear it also very good with the Univar HD lift struts and Jury struts. Glaciercub1Glaciercub Glaciercub2

Lots of options as you can see here. I know I do want to keep this bird as light a possible. I like the idea of a manual flap handle. Electric trim on the yoke? That adds about a pound but a pound is a pound. Ted Waltman has a great mod for the stick base. Check this out. No grease and simple. It a real responsive feel.DSC08004

Keep checking back as this will continue to grow. I can hardly wait to get this bird in the air…





2015 SuperCub Fly-in Johnson Creek

Good times this past weekend in Idaho at the 10th annual fly-in.  Not much to post about that has not already been said on the vairous forums aside from the 400 plus photos I took.  I have posted the link here at the bottom to view all of them.

The one biggest thing I can mention is if your venturing out into the backcountry flying, cialis 40mg understand the surroundings your heading into and understand the necessary procedures for mountain, website canyon and backcountry flying. Idaho is as REAL and it gets. Without these complex but very basic understandings you should not even consider going. Density altitude can eat you alive. More on that in my next thread. This one is for pictures…

MT prop has proved very worthy

People ask me all the time about my MT prop. They have heard they are not durable in the backcountry – off field environment, sildenafil  etc.  Let me tell you otherwise…

I have spent the past few years flying the MT prop into a number of environments and it still looks new 500 plus hours later. With the exceptional weight savings on the nose using a composite prop its no brainer in the 180.  Here are some photos of the prop in action.

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